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You Are Not Alone in the Kiln

by Divider Line & The Creeping Man


Cassette and Digital Download are exclusively available at Preston Capes Tapes: prestoncapes1.bandcamp.com/album/pct-03-you-are-not-alone-in-the-kiln

1. You Are Not Alone In the Kiln (4:05)
2. The Scratches Come From Below (3:17)
3. The Strange Ones (4:31)
4. The Spiritualist Will See You Now (2:02)
5. Prelude to a Yawn (4:42)
6. Stunned, but Not Depressed (5:49)
7. A Gloomy Mirage (2:21)
8. The Crying Stops at Night (3:32)
9. The Disaster Was Not Anticipated (6:10)
10. Trouble in the Orchestra Pit (3:18)
11. An Extra Set of Embalmers (2:30)
12. The Hotel Key was Found Alongside the Body (6:09)
13. Washed Away (4:36)

"You Are Not Alone in the Kiln (is a) a conjoining between the pseudonym-protected Divider Line and The Creeping Man. Rounding-up a baker’s dozen cuts that fuse murky cinematic noise experiments, obscure TV/film dialogue samples and field recordings, this often feels like an imaginary soundtrack in search of a visual accompaniment. Fans of vintage ghost movie scores, Barry Adamson’s Moss Side Story and K of ARC’s recent Show Them Your Throat will be right at home (with the lights off)."

Review from Concrete Islands

"Dark ominous rumblings and dread-filled atmospheric tensions herald forth this new collaboration between two experimental noise artists on the Preston Capes label. Before listening to this album I was only familiar with a small fraction of The Creeping Man's output, and none of Divider Line's... so I didn't really know what to expect, but I was immediately enticed and drawn into these creeping sweeping cinematic soundscapes - filled to the brim with nightmarish tension and grim suspense, and peppered with The Creeping Man's unmistakable use of old-timey Americana voice samples from (what I'm guessing to be) old educational documentaries and films.

Something I really admire about this collaboration is the restraint and discipline that both artists use in creating these atmospheres - the way they don't feel the need to crowd these spooky barren soundscapes with melodies and sounds. This music is slow and patient, and breathes its darkness across empty audio plains. It also has some moments of melodic beauty along the way, which are both well-placed and short-lived. Great album."

Review courtesy of Fog Songs


released August 3, 2022

The Strange Ones contains samples from two filmstrips in the public domain: The Swingin' Six (1966); The Strange Ones (circa 1957).

A Gloomy Mirage contains samples from the public domain filmstrip On Guard! The Story of SAGE (1956).

Trouble in the Orchestra Pit contains a sample from the public domain filmstrip Spot News (1937).

Washed Away contains samples from the public domain filmstrip Age of Turmoil (1953).

Thanks to Mat at Preston Capes Tapes for making this happen.



The Creeping Man Saint Paul, Minnesota

THE CREEPING MAN: dark ambient sound collages. Drones. Field Recordings.

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